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There are many types of credit cards as well as many additional services or bonuses that can be collected in the form of points. For drivers who fill up frequently and also have a credit card, it might pay off, for example, to buy a corresponding card with fuel discounts or to change the credit card provider. See http://www.massexperiment.com/car-title-loans-bad-credit/ for further editorial

Because, to be honest, what use is a bonus program if you can’t get any benefits from it. But here, as with other products, caution is also required. Not every provider has earned the title “Good” right away. In this little guide, we would like to briefly deal with some of the cards that are often used by motorists and, of course, by motorcycle owners.

What is important for motorists with credit cards with fuel discounts?

What is important for motorists with credit cards with fuel discounts?

Many credit cards with tank discounts are only really worthwhile if you also fill up more often. This is because many cards have a higher annual fee. On average, you can fill up with the corresponding cards about 1-3% cheaper. For example, if you refuel your car every week for around 80 USD, this saves you around 40-120 USD a year. There are now cards in this segment with an annual fee of more than 50 USD – you can see that it is worth comparing and planning in advance.

We have compared several credit cards and we can recommend the 1plus credit card from Cream Bank to every driver.

Credit card recommendation:

Credit card recommendation:

As mentioned above, the correlation between fuel savings and annual fees is a crucial factor. Agree’s 1plus credit card costs USD 19.90 per year and you can take advantage of your fuel savings of 1% up to a monthly turnover of USD 400. In the maximum case, this results in annual savings of around 48 USD.

Anyone who takes advantage of this can save about 28 USD less the annual fees. Other advantages of the 1plus credit card are a 5% travel saving with many German providers and almost 37 million acceptance points. You can find out more at the following link on the official Agree website: Agree Consumer Bank – loans, credit cards, investments: 1plus card

Other good providers in this segment are also the Cream bank and Lite Bank, which in addition to a tank discount also offer car accident insurance and top car protection letters, but usually the annual fees are higher here.

Under this link you will find other credit cards with a tank discount as a bonus, which we have already tested in another comparison.