Loans for entrepreneurs

Creation of new companies: for those people who have in mind to develop a new business project in the coming months, the banking offer has a couple of proposals to provide liquidity in the face of this professional challenge. One of them is the “First Company Loan” that Lenders Keep Finance has been developing. This is a personal loan for the financing of viable projects that generates an amount of up to 80% of the investment, with a maximum of 18,000 dollars and that has a maximum repayment term of 5 years.

As a novelty with respect to other financing models

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It contemplates the possibility of reducing fees by choosing other specific products for your company (business insurance, pension plans, business cards, among others) in an effort to link your customers with entity. Another option is that provided by Cream bank through the ” pensioner or self-employed person, resides in Spanish territory and have a pro-forma invoice for the project. For the first years: Amor Claws provides the” Entrepreneurs Loan “, which finances the first years of the business of its applicants.

You can request up to 40,000 dollars, taking up to 7 years to amortize it. On the other hand, it does not involve study or opening commissions. As a novelty, it ensures the payment of fees with the guarantee of payment protection, and also includes the insurance premium of this banking product.

Presents consist of opening a checking account without maintenance or administration fees

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As well as credit cards without cost of fees. Professional financing: Monily Loans includes the “Professional Loan”, which makes available to applicants the money to undertake their business, with a term to repay it for up to 7 years, and from which a maximum equivalent to the purchase can be made available. to finance. The Monily Bank also incorporates another product of similar characteristics and, which is marketed under the same name, which is intended to cover the first business establishment.

Which it offers the possibility to choose between fixed or variable interest rates

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Microcredits: one of the most satisfactory solutions is the one that Microbank has prepared under the name of “Microcredit for entrepreneurs”, which is intended for members of this social segment who have incomes below 60,000 dollars per year. You can finance both the process of starting a business, as well as the expansion of it, through the needs to meet the company’s money supply. For this, it has a maximum financing line of 25,000 dollars, with up to 100% of the project, maintaining a fixed interest rate throughout the life of the operation. Its repayment term is 5 years without lack or with 6 months of lack included. To access this banking product it is necessary to present a business plan to analyze the viability of the project.

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