When is the payment for the bank online loan?

The Cream Bank Group is one of the major financial service providers in Germany. The yellow bank is based in Good Finance. It has been a majority part of the Agree Bank Group since 2010. The retail customer business is the focus of the services it offers. In particular, the Cream Bank Private credit direct is an online loan that is paid out immediately after approval and is therefore extremely customer-friendly.

The advantages of Cream Bank’s online credit

The advantages of Cream Bank

The Cream Bank personal loan can be found directly on the Cream Bank website under the “Loans” tab. A loan calculator is also provided, which immediately calculates the corresponding monthly rate from a loan amount of USD 3,000 and upwards of 12 months. Of course, the creditworthiness is calculated on the ideal, with 4.66 percent tied borrowing rate and an effective annual interest rate of 4.79 percent.

This is a relatively cheap offer, but also not a bargain loan. Loan amounts of up to USD 50,000 can be determined individually, and Cream Bank pays the money to the applicant’s account immediately after the loan is approved – a big plus, as there are no annoying waiting times.

Cream Bank’s online loan terms

Cream Bank

Cream Bank offers relatively favorable conditions and, as a special feature, 30 days right of withdrawal. There are no processing fees and early repayment is possible up to 50 percent of the remaining debt once a year at no additional cost. Overall, the conditions of the reputable provider are very transparent and fair.

The conditions for an online loan are also significantly cheaper than for a direct transaction in the Cream Bank branch. Even if you withdraw, there are no costs. If you wish, you can take out residual debt insurance, but it does not have to be a condition for the loan.

How to get a Cream Bank personal loan directly

How to get a Cream Bank personal loan directly

If you choose an online loan from Cream Bank, you must have a fixed income, be an employee or be a pensioner. Alternatively, there are special forms of credit at Cream Bank for the self-employed. Furthermore, as a prospect for a loan, you should have a positive Credit Bureau, be of legal age and reside in Germany. If these requirements are met, you can immediately apply online on the Cream Bank website.

Cream Bank offers telephone advice, a customer hotline and a callback service for questions regarding the application process. After you have filled out all the documents, you print out the forms and send them to Cream Bank together with a copy of the salary slips. You still have to do a PostIdent procedure at Swiss Post to confirm your identity. It only takes a few minutes.

As soon as Cream Bank has received all documents, they will be processed. If the application is then approved, it will be paid out immediately. Overall, the Cream Bank Online loan can be evaluated as an instant loan, since it is ready for payment in about 5 – 7 working days.

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